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June 24, 2010

Scrum in Practice – stand-up meetings

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We practice some sort of agile development in our company. It’s based on SCRUM but it’s not pure SCRUM – it’s SCRUM except measuring the velocity.

I pushed the people to use this form os SCRUM on the projects where I’m and I see there is very important to have the stand-up meetings. I write a blog entry about this because I read the article why it’s not so necessary to have it.

The key reasons why I think it’s necessry is:

  1. team reports the progress/problems/plans for the day. We add there also what technology was good and where it can be used (knowledge sharing)
  2. it’s gives us a hint about the team-members productivity

I think, we work in the wawes. If there is no tracking/controlling then I do the work at the latest possible date. Stand-up meetings push the team-member to show what he/she did last day. It he/she is lazy then it’s visible very soon and the team can react on it! I say once again: TEAM! It stays in the team and the team gives him a feedback that if the team wants to have the success then all team-members have to work!

I worked on the project where the team member was this kind of the person and after few stand-up meetings he changed his approach.


  1. stand-up meetings plays more psychological role
  2. can show the PROGRESS of the team-members very soon

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